A Group of Gianyar Bali Regency Government Officials a Comparative Study on Setigi Gresik Tourism

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Photo: Group of Gianyar Bali Regency Government Officials during a Comparative Study at the Sekapuk Village Government and a tour of Setigi.

By Didik Telisik Hati: Is a journalist who is also a figure observing arts and culture in East Java


GRESIK – Unexpectedly, far from the Island of the Gods, Bali, it turned out that they only wanted to visit the natural attractions of Setigi Sekapuk Ujungpangkah Gresik. That is what the Gianyar Bali regency group did. The group of 96 people led by the Head of the PMD (Community and Village Empowerment) Office of the Gianyar Bali Regency received a warm welcome from the Village Head of Sekapuk Abdul Halim who is also the manager of Setigi tourism.


Head of the Gianyar Bali Regency Government PMD service, Dewa Ngakan Ngurah Adi, SE, M.Si, as the Head of the Group, said the aim was to visit Setigi and Pemdes Sekapuk in the context of a Comparative Study to gain insight into village innovation during the pandemic.


“In this active comparative study to Setigi Gresik, we invite all Camat, Perbekel / Village Heads, and Head of BPD. Hopefully we can get as much knowledge as possible for us to apply in the Gianyar Bali Regency Government environment,” explained Dewa who enjoyed the charm of Setigi tourism. , Thursday (19/11/2020).


Meanwhile, Head of Sekapuk Village, Abdul Halim, welcomed the visit of a group of Gianyar Bali Regency Government officials to the Sekapuk Village Government as well as a visit to Setigi tourism. They want to gain knowledge on how to manage tourism so that Sekapuk Village is the only Billionaire Village in Gresik, even in East Java.


“We are truly grateful, Setigi, who is not yet one year old, was visited by dozens of officials from Bali. Even though Bali itself is the center of the best tourism in the country. Hopefully they will benefit and rise to become a Billionaire Village all of them,” said the village head who is nicknamed Ki Begawan Setigi.

Regarding Health Protocellers, Kades Halim emphasized that his party would still comply with government recommendations by requesting a letter of rapid test and mandatory masking. In addition, the group from the Gianyar Bali Regency Government also pimped the gun first, washed their hands, and kept their distance while in the tourist area of ​​Setigi.

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