Arrest Fugitive Team of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia Jointly Arrests Fugitive at the High Prosecutor’s Office in South Kalimantan Arrests Fraud Cases (DPO)

Media – Arrest Fugitive (Tabur) The Attorney General’s Office (Kejagung) Republic of Indonesia together with the South Kalimantan High Prosecutor’s (Kejati) Tabur Team succeeded in securing Akhmad Martin. Akhmad Martin is a fugitive on the AGO’s wanted list (DPO) 8 years ago.

Akhmad Martin, a resident of Cempaka Besar Banjarmasin, was convicted of a fraud case in 2012. He was arrested by prosecutors on Tuesday, November 17 afternoon.

The South Kalimantan High Prosecutor’s Team was ordered by Arie Arifin SH MH as the Head of the South Kalimantan High Prosecutor’s Office led by Andhie Fajar Arianto SH as Coordinator of the Intel Section of the South Kalimantan High Prosecutor’s Office. Said that he had been arrested and is currently undergoing examination at the South Kalimantan High Prosecutor’s Office.

Akhmad Martin himself was declared on the wanted list after he ignored the verdict of the Supreme Court decision Number 26.K / Pid / 2012, related to the criminal act he committed in 2012. After having their health checked, the convict was taken by the Catch Fugitive Team for a while at the Teluk Dalam Penitentiary, Banjarmasin. (***)

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