Create-your-own World No Tobacco Day workshop


Geneva Swiss, Media –  World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) 2020 aims to protect children and adolescents from industry manipulation and prevent them from nicotine and tobacco use. This campaign toolkit includes various activities that can be implemented by teachers in the classroom setting – whether virtual or in person –  or by parents at home. These activities will serve to exposetobacco and related industry tactics to hook youth on nicotine and tobacco products and empower youth to refuse industry manipulation and join the tobacco-free generation.


Adolescents are more likely to initiate tobacco use if they lack the awareness of tobacco and related industry tactics deliberately employed to hook them on nicotine and tobacco products and if they lack the skills to say no to nicotine and tobacco. Adolescents may try some form of tobacco or nicotine products when offered as a result of direct peer pressure, influenced by advertising, promotion and sponsorship, or simply as a result of not being equipped with the knowledge or skills to refuse it.


Give our target audience (boys and girls aged 13-17) the opportunity to expose industry tactics observed in their community, practice the act of refusing tobacco products, shisha or e-cigarettes in a safe environment using an entertaining medium, and develop advocacy plans for rejecting industry manipulation and creating a tobacco-free generation.


Workshop facilitators (e.g. teachers, parents) are encouraged to read the WNTD 2020 Q&A and WHO tobacco fact sheet  prior to designing their WNTD workshop. Facilitators are encouraged to ‘Set the Scene’ for the workshop using the WNTD video and MythBuster quiz, and then to tailor the workshop using select activities from ‘Exposing Industry Tactics’ and ‘Empowering Youth to Reject Industry Manipulation’, based on preference. Once the activities of choice have been completed, take this opportunity to encourage the target audience to become youth tobacco control advocates and share examples of groups in your region working to create a tobacco-free generation! ###

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