Dynamic Test Rocket R HAN 122B Successfully Passes Various Tests

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PT PINDAD (PERSERO) Indonesia, Media www.rajawalisiber.com – In an effort to meet the needs for defense and security equipment (Alpalhankam) in Indonesia, PT Pindad (Persero) as one of the strategic SOEs has committed to mastering technology and developing the national defense industry in order to create independence of the national Alpalhankam.

One of the priority programs that has been completed by Pindad, namely R-Han 122B has successfully passed various trials and is currently in the process of certification.

The seven other priority programs for the National Defense Industry have been announced, namely Missiles, Propellants, Radar, Submarines, Combat Aircraft and Medium Tanks.

PT Pindad’s Director of Technology and Development, Ade Bagdja, stated that the success of the R-Han 122B consortium was the result of hard work together.

“The R-Han 122B program, which was started in 2005 under the Research and Technology Consortium, was continued by the Ministry of Defense. Pindad supports rocket assembling, which is our expertise.

One of the most thrilling things was during the testing process. ” Said Ade Bagdja

In his remarks, Ade Bagdja expressed his gratitude to all parties who supported the success of the R-Han 122B consortium, including the marine corps who had worked hard to help as well as test the rockets that had been made so that good cooperation had been built.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Pothan, Bondan Tiara Sofyan expressed his highest appreciation to the R-Han 122B consortium and all parties who have completed the R-Han 122B program on time, on quality and on administration.

The R-Han 122B program, is an independent development program that has been going on for a long time.

From the static and dynamic test results, it is known that the performance of the R-Han 122B rocket is good and consistent in accordance with the design target.

“We hope this program can continue to the next stage, namely mass production. The certification process has also been carried out simultaneously with the trial process. We hope that the feasibility certification can be issued soon, “said Bondan. (News Sources: PT PINDAD Indonesia)


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