Firing Test for Pindad Indonesia’s Medium Tank

  • Whatsapp – PT Pindad (Persero) carried out a test of the Indonesian nation’s Medium Tank combat power including a firing test on August 27 2018 at the Cipatat Army Infantry Education Center (Pusdikif), West Bandung Regency.

This series of tests is a certification activity carried out by Dislitbangad to determine the resistance capability of the Medium Tank in good condition, meeting design requirements and specifications.

The event was attended by Dankodiklat TNI AD Major General TNI A.M. Putranto, Director General of Defense Potential (Dirjen Pothan) of the Ministry of Defense, Bondan Tiara Sofyan, high ranking officers of the TNI, officials of the Ministry of BUMN, Directors of BUMN Cluster NDHI as well as Directors and Commissioners of Pindad.

The Head of the Ministry of Defense and Kadislitbangad gave testimony about the process of testing and certification for the Medium Tank to date.

This Firing Test was conducted to test the firing function of the 105 mm turret which is the main weapon of the Medium Tank which has a large destructive power.

The Medium Tank turret is armed with a 105 mm caliber canon capable of firing various types of 105 mm caliber munitions. The firing test was carried out from August 25-27 2018.

The combat power test was carried out when the tank was static and when conditions were moving.

This test also aims to show the ability to lock on at one point while the tank is moving, the ability to fire tanks in static conditions from all sides and the ability to fire at a fixed target while the tank is moving.

The firing test will be carried out in several sessions.

The first shooting session is to shoot net targets at certain points with the TPCSDS-T type munition.

The second session will shoot plate targets with the HEP-T munition type to simulate the ability to attack rantis.

The third session will shoot moving targets with TPCSDS type munitions without pause.

This series of tests is a certification activity carried out by Dislitbangad. (News Sources: PT PINDAD Indonesia)

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