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Deputy for Investment Climate Development, represented by Wahyono

Bogor, Media www.rajawalisiber.com – Being a journalist profession and carrying out its main duties and functions to promote independence is not easy. In fact, in the current digital era, the journalist profession often goes too far in responding to its social control function.


Journalists are often used as tools of power that have the potential to change their function and no longer prioritize their independence and professionalism as journalists.


Even in Indonesia, journalists are now inclined to be part of the public relations agency, state-owned institutions and institutions. This was said by the Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Jakarta Journalists Forum (FWJ), Drs. Joko Irianto Hamid when giving his speech at the First Working Meeting (Raker) which was held at Sitamiang Hotel & Resort, Jl. Raya Puncak Km. 82, Cibeureum, Cisarua Bogor, West Java, Sunday (6/12/2020) afternoon.

The FWJ Raker which was held for 2 days at Sitamiang Hotel & Resort Bogor, December 5 – 6, 2020 was also attended by Abdul Qoadir Chairman of the FWJ Board of Trustees, Tonin Tachta Singarimbun, SH., Chair of FWJ Advocates, Mustofa Hadi Karya Chairman of FWJ, Wahyono who represented The Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), central FWJ administrators, and seven (7) FWJ regional coordinators from South Jakarta, East Jakarta, North Jakarta, Central Jakarta, Bekasi City, Bekasi Regency, and Tangerang Raya.

Joko continued, he assessed that journalists’ intellectual maturation is required to have dual strength in him. “A professional journalist that cannot be equated with other professions, the components inherent in a journalist can be called a conveyor. Therefore, there is a need for a qualified balanced composition. “Said Joko.

At the same place, the Jakarta Journalists Forum Advocate Chair, Ir. Tonin Tachta Singarimbun, SH., Likens the existence of an advocate and journalist with one inseparable component, like tamarind and salt.

“These two professions do have an important role to play in educating the public in delivering information that is in line with the social control function, as well as synergistic legal assistance. Tonin explained.

Tonin also said that the importance of legal reflection which is in line with the function of journalists will be able to educate the Indonesian people. In addition, Tonin believes that the synergy between advocates and FWJ will be able to kill the power framing that has only benefited certain parties.

Although the Jakarta Journalists Forum was only established in July 2019, this forum has shown its identity as a journalist forum with noble goals. The noble connotation was also explained by Abdul Qodir as Chair of the FWJ Board of Trustees as a form of concern for fellow journalists who promote equality to achieve the welfare of members.

“The future projection of our children in FWJ is clear. They have extraordinary potential, even at their age that has not been 2 years, FWJ has members of more than 450 journalists from various media in Indonesia, this indicates that FWJ is able to provide other colors and patterns in the development of information and humanist synergies that have hypnotized stakeholders. . “Said Abdul Qodir.

In the future, Abdul Qodir hopes that with strong thoughts to give hope to build Indonesia for the welfare of its members, FWJ has collaborated with the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) as a form of concern for building self-reliant businesses.
Deputy for Investment Climate Development, represented by Wahyono, appreciated the Jakakrta Journalists Forum which will become a part of the synergy and business partners of BKPM to develop the potential of businesses that will be built for the welfare of its members.

He said the potential of the Jakarta Journalists Forum has a great opportunity in carrying out his profession which is supported by work programs for developing self-reliance businesses. “This is the first time a journalist organization will synergize with BKPM, meaning that the intellectuals of the FWJ management deserve a thumbs up, that apart from being a journalist, journalists must also be supported by efforts that are able to provide feasibility and welfare to their members. We from BKPM are ready to help and provide support to FWJ. “Wahyono said at the FWJ Meeting.

Separately, the Chairperson of the FWJ Raker Committee, Ferry Faisal, expressed his gratitude for the support and synergy of friends from Pendam Jaya, Battalion Commander 33 Kopassus Group 3, Commander Lanmar Jakarta, Satpol PP Bogor Regency, and Mcdonald Indonesia so that it was carried out smoothly and without any obstacles. at Sitamiang Hotel & Resort Bogor Puncak. Red

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