Pollution crime: a decade of changing mindsets

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Pioneering global police action against all forms of pollution crime


Media www.rajawalisiber.com – A decade ago, pollution crime was seldom a law enforcement priority for many countries.  Yet ten years on, police forces and authorities across the world see pollution crime not only as serious organized crime but also as a threat to the rule of law, global economies and sustainable development.

Anticipating the needs of police forces in its 194 member countries to confront the emerging crime head on, INTERPOL established a dedicated Environmental Security Programme (ENS) in 2010.  This month, we celebrate the programme’s first decade of action, focusing this week on pollution crime.

Today, ENS helps countries tackle the following forms of pollution crime: fuel, oil and gas smuggling, waste crime, marine pollution crime, Illegal use and trade in chemicals, carbon trading fraud.

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