President Trump: America’s seniors will be first in line for a safe, effective vaccine!

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Media – President Trump spoke in Florida on Friday at an event on protecting America’s seniors—ensuring that they receive the care, respect, and support they deserve.

“I will protect you, I will defend you, and I will fight for you with every ounce of energy and conviction that I have,” President Trump said. “You devoted your life to this country, and I am devoting my life to you.” (News Sources: The White House)

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Average Medicare premiums have dropped by 34% since President Trump took office. Some states have experienced price reductions of over 50% or more. Medicare prescription drug prices have also declined, with premiums down 12% on average.

“I stood up to big pharma, and that’s not easy,” President Trump said. “They got big money. They’re the biggest lobbyists in this country, by far. And I signed an executive order implementing a ‘most favored nations’ policy for the United States,” which ensures that Medicare won’t pay more than other countries for important drugs.

After Coronavirus spread from China across the world, the Trump Administration went to work holding Beijing and the World Health Organization accountable for their failures while protecting the American people from both economic and physical harm.

“I’m moving heaven and earth to safeguard our seniors from the China Virus, to deliver lifesaving therapies in record time, and to distribute a safe and effective vaccine before the end of the year,” President Trump said.

“You’re the generation that defeated fascism and triumphed over communism, sent American astronauts to the Moon. You built our country into the greatest and most powerful nation the world has ever known.”

Our seniors remind us of the extraordinary American legacy that President Trump is fighting to protect.

? America’s seniors will be first in line for a safe, effective vaccine!

? President Trump: I will protect, defend, and fight for you!

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