PT PINDAD Indonesia: The Various Weapons Are Made Domestically In Indonesia

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Media – Over the past 12 years, the Indonesian Army contingent has never been absent from winning prestigious shooting competitions in various shooting competitions such as AASAM in Australia or in ASEAN. 

Indonesian shooters used weapons such as the SS2 V4 assault rifle and the G2 Elite pistol.  Did you know that various mainstay weapons are made in Indonesia? 

Yes, sniper rifles, machine guns, pistols, and even heavy mortar weapons have long been produced by PT Pindad, one of Indonesia’s Strategic Industry BUMNs.  Not only weapons and ammunition, Pindad also makes various special vehicles such as armored vehicles and tanks. 

This product has been used by the TNI to maintain sovereignty and security throughout the archipelago, even in several UN peacekeeping missions in Lebanon, Sudan, Congo to Central Africa. (News Sources: PT Pindad Indonesia)

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