VIRTUAL POLICY FORUM: THE YEMEN MATRIX Untangling the Relationships That Drive the War

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Elana DeLozier and Stephen Seche

9:00 AM to 10:30 AM ET


Media – As the Yemen war continues well into its sixth year, parts of the country are seeing some of their fiercest fighting yet amid ongoing Houthi offensives and intensified Saudi-led airstrikes. And despite reactivating the 2019 Riyadh Agreement, the fragile coalition against the Houthis still faces significant risk of fracturing into rival armed camps, some of them bent on secession.

To untangle this complex web of actors and relationships, The Washington Institute will soon launch The Yemen Matrix: Allies and Adversaries, a resource guide and interactive online tool that focuses on the modern grievances driving current events. The project draws on years of research, travel, and in-person interviews by Institute fellow Elana DeLozier. To discuss how this new tool can help U.S. analysts and policymakers understand the conflict’s nuances, the Institute is pleased to announce a virtual Policy Forum with DeLozier and Ambassador Stephen Seche.

Elana DeLozier is the Institute’s Rubin Family Fellow and an adjunct assistant professor at Georgetown University’s Center for Security Studies. Previously, she spent eight years in the Middle East as a political analyst and trainer, including six years in the Gulf. Her numerous publications on regional issues include the 2019 Succession Series paper “A Caretaker President Clings to Legitimacy in Yemen.”

Stephen Seche is executive vice president of the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington and former U.S. ambassador to Yemen. His distinguished thirty-five-year foreign service career also included time as deputy assistant secretary in the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, with responsibility for U.S.-Gulf relations. (News Sources: Washington Institute)

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