Bareskrim Determines Ambroncius Nababan as Suspect of Racism Hate Speech

Source Police Public Relations Division


JAKARTA Media – The National Police Criminal Investigation Directorate has increased the status of the investigation into the alleged racism hate speech committed by the Head of Projamin Ambroncius Nababan against former Komnas HAM Commissioner Natalius Pigai. Ambroncius Nababan is now a suspect.

“Correct. Reported AN, we raise the status of a suspect, “said the Director of Cyber ​​Crime at the National Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Brigadier General Slamet Uliandi, Tuesday (26/1/2021).

Ambroncius Nababan is suspected of having committed a criminal offense that caused hatred for his pinching on social media Facebook. Ambroncius was charged under Article 45a.

“It is suspected of having committed a criminal act of disseminating information aimed at causing hatred or enmity of individuals and / or certain community groups based on ethnicity, religion, race and intergroup (SARA) and / or making writing or images to be placed, pasted, or disseminated in public places. or other places that can be seen or read by other people and / or whoever publicly expresses feelings of hostility, hatred or contempt for one or several groups of the Indonesian people as referred to in Article 45A paragraph (2) in conjunction with Article 28 paragraph (2) Law -Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning Amendments to Law Number 11 of 2008 concerning Electronic Information and Transactions, and / or Article 16 in conjunction with Article 4 letter b paragraph (1) of Law Number 40 of 2008 concerning the elimination of racial and ethnic discrimination and / or Article 156 of the Criminal Code, ”said Brigadier General Slamet Uliandi.

Previously, Ambroncius Nababan was policed ​​due to his remarks on Facebook. He juxtaposed Natalius Pigai’s photo with a photo of a gorilla. The Directorate of Cyber ​​Crime, Bareskrim Polri then summoned Ambroncius Nababan. Bareskrim has issued a warrant to investigate this case.

In this summons, the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Unit has asked 25 questions to clarify to Ambroncius about the FB account that was used for allegedly spreading racist speech. From the results of the clarification, further steps will be determined. It should also be noted, Bareskrim’s cyber investigators before calling them already had preliminary findings.

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