Bareskrim will examine Abu Janda ashes again on Thursday regarding racism tones

Source Indonesian Police Public Relations Division


JAKARTA, Media – Bareskrim Polri scheduled to recall Permadi Arya to be examined as a witness in a case of alleged racism in his tweet on social media.

Abu Janda was previously reported by a number of people for allegedly tweeting racist tones against former Komnas HAM commissioner Natalius Pigai.

“It will be followed up again on Thursday based on LP Number 52, which concerns Natalius Pigai. The person concerned will be questioned at the Police Criminal Investigation Unit. Once again, Thursday with LP number 52 was involved with Natalius Pigai, “said Karo Penmas Brigadier General Rusdi Hartono at the Police Public Relations Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (2/2/2021).

Brigadier General Rusdi said that Abu Janda had been questioned on Monday (1/2) for about 12 hours. Abu Janda was examined as a witness and given 50 questions.

“Yesterday’s Permadi Arya has been investigated based on LP Number 56. This is related to certain religions in Indonesia. The person concerned was questioned by Bareskrim Polri yesterday and received 50 questions. And of course it will finish at 10 in the evening, “he said.

The one-star general asked all parties to entrust the handling of this case to the Police. Brigadier General Rusdi confirmed that the National Police would work transparently in this case.

“We, from the police, of course, if a case has been entrusted, adjusted and resolved through legal channels, then entrust the police to resolve it all so there is no need to take counterproductive actions that lead to uproar. We believe that the National Police will resolve all reported cases in a professional, accountable and open manner, ”he explained.

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