Bareskrim’s Quick Reaction, Preventing Politicization of Papuan Racial Issues

Source: Public Relations Division of Indonesian Police Headquarters


Media  – A number of social media platforms were enlivened by criticism of the racial statement made by Hanura Party politician Ambroncius Nababan, which was addressed to former Komnas HAM Commissioner from Papua, Natalius Pigai.

Meanwhile, Ambroncius Nababan’s utterances in cyberspace were reported by two different reporters to the West Papua Police. Without waiting long, the report was immediately followed up. Head of Public Relations Division of the Police Headquarters Inspector General of Police. Argo Yuwono explained the follow-up to the report by conducting cyber analysis, and it was suspected that the perpetrator was in Jakarta.

“It is suspected that from the cyber analysis, the person carrying out (racist remarks) was in Jakarta,” said Argo at the Police Headquarters, Jakarta (25/1/2021).

With the names of the perpetrators obtained from two reports to the West Papua Police, cyber analysis, as well as the temporary suspicion of the location of the perpetrators, according to Argo, the reports that were originally handled by the West Papua Regional Police were transferred to the Police Criminal Investigation Unit.

Not waiting long, Bareskrim Polri is now conducting an in-depth investigation of the report. Argo informed that he had sent a call to the alleged account owner.

“We will later ask or ask for information whether social media, Facebook belongs to the person concerned,” he added.

The Institute’s Strategy Director, Anthony Danar, appreciated the quick work of the National Police Criminal Investigation Unit in following up on reports and conducting investigations into cases of racism that befell Natlius Pigai.

“The fast work of the Police Criminal Investigation Unit should be appreciated, racist issues that have to do with Papuan brothers and sisters, are not the first time this has occurred, so they must be responded to quickly,” said Anthony when contacted by the media crew (25/1/2021).

Furthermore, Anthony said that cases of racism speech, which should have been responded to with a law enforcement approach, were instead used by certain individuals in frying political issues related to Papua.

“Firm legal action is needed, if indeed from the results of the investigation of the Directorate General, he committed acts of racism against Natalius, let us not open the gap, the issue will become politicized, not brought into the realm of law as it should be,” concluded Anthony.

Uphold Human Dignity, Stop racism from SARA

Special Staff of the Chairperson of the Steering Committee for the Pancasila Ideology Development Agency (BPIP), Antonius Benny Susetyo, regretted that there were still racial acts that offended SARA and attacked human dignity.

“It’s a shame, yes, there should be no more harassment and racial acts that will spread everywhere, and even offend certain groups,” said Benny to the media crew, Monday (25/1/2021).

He invited all elements of the Nation to be wise in speaking and expressing opinions on social media. “Do not let the utterances that are uttered or displayed on social media, instead open up opportunities for racist actions that can be used by certain individuals to divide the unity of the nation,” he added.

Rohaniwan who is familiarly called Romo Benny also appealed to all elements of society to fight criticism with criticism, not with words or utterances that could potentially lead to acts of racism against certain ethnic or religious groups.

“It is time for us to grow up, and be wise in responding to criticism, criticism is common, but if it is responded to in the wrong way, it will become a problem that really doesn’t need to exist,” said Benny.

Benny also emphasized that all elements of the Indonesian nation must stick to Pancasila as the basis and ideology of the State. Including in terms of mutual criticism, must still respect and uphold human dignity and respect diversity.

“To reduce conflicts and polemics or the efforts of certain elements to fry racist issues, it is best if there is an act of racism, just bring it to the realm of law, then law enforcement officials will investigate and take action against any racist acts.” he concluded.

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