Basarnas Tanjungpinang Evacuate Flood and Landslide Victims in Bintan

Media – Tanjungpinang BASARNAS Delivers a Rescue Team to assist in handling floods and landslides in a number of areas of Tanjungpinang & Bintan City, Saturday (02/01/2021).


The Head of Basarnas Tanjungpinang Mu’min said that his team had been in the field since Saturday morning with a number of other relevant stakeholders.

He said SAR personnel were stationed at a number of flood points, such as in the Purnama Valley, Sri Andana Housing, Jl. Hanjoyo putro bt.8, Hang Lekir Perum Eagle Universe bt.9, Bangunsari km.11 gg.perkutut, Green camp jl. Valley of the pigeons, Taman seraya Bt.9, Location around Kpu city, Hangtuah scenic km. 12.

The total number of victims who were evacuated was more than 155 people,

“The joint team has helped evacuate dozens of residents affected by floods and landslides,” said Mu’min.

Mu’min said that until now the weather conditions have not improved. Rain accompanied by winds and high waves in the sea still covered the local area from Friday (01/10/2021) to Saturday (02/01/2021).

His party appealed to residents to remain vigilant, because based on BMKG predictions, extreme weather in the Riau Islands region in general has the potential to occur in the next few days.

Especially for coastal communities, he said, they must be aware of the north wind season, because wind speeds currently reach 5 to 30 kilometers per hour.

“The wind is very fast. We urge fishermen not to go to sea for the sake of safety and security,” he said.

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