Credit and Credibility: Risks to China’s Economic Resilience

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Media  – Join the Freeman Chair in China Studies on October 3rd for a special presentation of the newly released report by Freeman Chair in China Studies Senior Associate
Daniel Rosen and Adjunct Fellow Logan WrightCredit and Credibility: Risks to China’s Economic Resilience. Following an introduction by Deputy Director of the Freeman Chair in China Studies Scott Kennedy, the authors will describe their key findings. In the past decade, China has seen the largest credit expansion by any country in over a century, without a financial crisis or sudden slowdown in growth. The presentation will explore why China’s economy has been so resilient and examine whether this pattern of stability could change. The report itself examines China’s epic growth performance to date, and why it is running out of steam. Beijing cannot for long assure stability for an increasingly risky and complex system, as its credibility is stretched thin. This analysis has implications for how the United States and other advanced economies should prepare for a riskier outlook for China’s economy.

Following the presentation, Markus Rodlauer (International Monetary Fund), Stephanie Segal (CSIS), and Tom Orlik (Bloomberg) will provide commentary, moderated by Freeman Chair in China Studies Deputy Director Scott Kennedy. The event will conclude with a Question & Answer session with audience members.

This event was made possible through support from CSIS.

Tom Orlik
Markus Rodlauer


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