Crisis in Haiti: UN Secretary-General’s Urgent Appeal for Action and Solidarity

Source The United Nations


Media – In this compelling video, UN Secretary-General António Guterres addresses the pressing crisis in Haiti, sharing his firsthand experiences from his recent visits to the country and Trinidad and Tobago.

With a keen emphasis on the severity of the situation, Guterres highlights the immediate need for collective action to alleviate the humanitarian suffering and restore stability through a political solution.

The Secretary-General sheds light on the alarming control of armed groups over essential resources and their perpetration of horrific violence.

He urgently calls upon the international community to extend immediate support, sufficiently fund the UN’s humanitarian response plan, and work towards creating favorable conditions for deploying a multinational security force in collaboration with the Haitian National Police.

Join us to witness Guterres’ powerful appeal for solidarity, stressing the pivotal role of restoring democratic institutions and addressing Haiti’s dire security situation in achieving sustainable security. Experience the full remarks of this critical address by clicking the link below.

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