His house demolished by the local government, Robi Damianus Mella reports Komnas HAM

Kupang, Media www.rajawalisiber.com – The demolition of Robi Damianus Mella’s house in Soe City, South Central Timor (TTS), East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province has long tails. Robi Damianus Mella, through his attorney at the ABP Law Firm, made a report and complaint to Komnas HAM regarding the demolition of his house which was suspected of violating human rights.

This was conveyed by Ahmad Azis Ismail, S.H. as the attorney for Robi Damianus Mella from ABP Law Firm to this media in Kupang, Friday (16/4/2021). “Komnas HAM has replied to our letter regarding the demolition and destruction of Robi Damianus Mella’s house on Tuesday (13/4/2021) in Soe. Robi Mella’s complaint was registered at Komnas HAM with Number: 136.257,” said Azis.

If the files are complete, he continued, an investigation team from the Indonesian National Human Rights Commission will be formed to investigate the cases that are suspected of violating human rights, because they have taken away the basic rights of citizens, in the form of life rights. “There are several additional files requested by Komnas HAM RI. We will immediately send the documents requested by Komnas HAM RI, “explained Azis.

Azis then added, “In addition to complaints to Komnas HAM RI, we also immediately wrote to BPK RI to conduct an audit of regional assets in TTS Regency.”

This needs to be done, said Azis, to find out the regional assets in TTS Regency. Do not let, for example, that land assets are recognized as regional assets, but are not supported by data or evidence and are not registered in the list of assets available in the system. Because the assets are regional or state assets, they must be registered in the system and have valid evidence. Based on the results of the audit, the public will know whether an asset belongs to the Regional Government or not.

“We have also reported the alleged criminal act of demolishing Robi Damianus Mella’s house at the NTT Regional Police with a penalty of more than 5 years in prison, for allegedly violating Article 170 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 55 of the Criminal Code. If it is in the process of investigation and it is supported by sufficient evidence of the involvement of the TTS Regent in the reported crime, we ask that the district head be arrested and detained. Everyone has the same position before the law, “said Azis, who is also the former Secretary of the Undana Faculty of Law BEM.

The public, said Azis, needed good legal education. This is important so that in the future similar violations which are committed in an inappropriate manner and which violate the law do not happen again.

“We will also expand our power, involve more fellow advocates and networks, including in Jakarta. If the act is committed by breaking the law and oppressing the little people, it must be resisted, for better legal repairs. The law-abiding culture must be strengthened, “said Azis. (AB / Red)

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