Indonesian Journalists Union for Takjil for Street Children

JAKARTA, Media – The Indonesian Journalists Union (SJI) held a social service to share takjil for street children and the poor at a crossroads around the Matraman traffic light, East Jakarta. The active social service as a substitute for compassion for others coincides with the tenth day of the month of Ramadan this afternoon, starting at 16.00 until ending before the maghrib adhan drum.

All SJI DPP administrators seemed enthusiastic about distributing boxes filled with cakes, dates and mineral water, to street children as well as to motorcycle taxi drivers and public transportation drivers who happened to pass the road around the event location.

The Head of the SJI DPP Organization, Henny Susanti, said that being active in sharing takjil aimed at building concern for others in the month of Ramadan was initiated by spontaneity. Without planning. “Honestly, the spontaneity of today’s takjil – without planning – came to light when we journalists who are members of the Indonesian Journalists Union (SJI) held an iftar together. So that’s fine, just dander. I didn’t think that there were 150 packages collected. Be active today, ” said Henny, in the middle of the event, Friday (23/04/21)

Mila Karmila as SJI Public Relations, explained that this event is a form of concern for the journalist crew to the community as a form of caring training. “If all this time journalists are always looking for and making news, why don’t journalists also care for others,” said Mila.

The passionate love affair initiated by the SJI management this afternoon was appreciated by many circles. One of them came from the Matraman Police Headquarters, AKP Dwi Hari S. “My appreciation for SJI journalists for sharing their care with the people around Mataraman this afternoon. I thank you for sharing. Hopefully this kind of event can be sustainable and provide benefits to the community. My prayers for journalist partners, ”said Dwi.

The Indonesian Journalists Union, abbreviated as SJI, is an association of journalists from various print, online and electronic media who have the same goal, to maintain and care for the spirit of the Indonesian Press.

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