Jeffrey S. Sallet Named FBI Associate Deputy Director


Washington, D.C.
FBI National Press Office


Media  – Director Christopher Wray has named Jeffrey S. Sallet as the associate deputy director of the FBI. Mr. Sallet oversees all FBI personnel, budget, administration, and infrastructure, as well as the inspections and insider threat programs. He most recently served as the executive assistant director of the Human Resources Branch.

Mr. Sallet started his FBI career as a special agent in 1997 in the New York Field Office, investigating crimes across several areas. During the 9/11 investigation, he was responsible for identifying how the attacks were funded and for tracking al Qaeda’s financial assets.

In 2005, Mr. Sallet transferred to the Criminal Investigative Division at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., to manage La Cosa Nostra investigations in the northeastern United States. In 2007, he moved to the Providence Resident Agency in Rhode Island. The next year, he was promoted to supervisory senior resident agent, in charge of all counterterrorism, public corruption, civil rights, government fraud, and organized crime investigations in Rhode Island.

Mr. Sallet was promoted again in 2012, to an assistant special agent in charge in the Boston Field Office, overseeing white-collar crime, public corruption, health care fraud, and civil rights matters. He also led the coordinated law enforcement response and investigation of the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013.

Mr. Sallet was named chief of the Public Corruption/Civil Rights Section in the Criminal Investigative Division at FBI Headquarters in 2014. He was promoted to special agent in charge of the New Orleans Field Office in 2015 and moved to lead the Chicago office in 2017. He was promoted to associate executive assistant director of the Finance and Facilities Division in 2019.

In 2020, Mr. Sallet was promoted to executive assistant director of the Human Resources Branch, where he oversaw the Human Resources, Training, Security and the Finance and Facilities divisions.

Prior to joining the FBI, Mr. Sallet worked as an auditor and forensic accountant in the private sector. He is a certified public accountant and a certified financial forensics professional.

Special Agent in Charge, FBI New Orleans Division

Jeffrey S. Sallet was named Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) New Orleans Division in November 2015 by Director James Comey. Prior to this assignment Mr. Sallet was the Section Chief (SC) of the Public Corruption and Civil Rights Section of the Criminal Investigative Division within the FBI. In this capacity, he had oversight and responsibility over all Public Corruption, Civil Rights, International Human Rights, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Antitrust, International Money Laundering and Threat Finance investigations FBI wide. Mr. Sallet spearheaded several new FCPA initiatives to include: overseas deployments of Agents and Analysts using a newly developed corruption matrix, forging new strategic private sector relationships, advancing internal FBI FCPA training geared toward a proactive shift utilizing sophisticated techniques and implementing a unique corruption global intelligence collection platform.

Prior to his role as SC, he was the Assistant Special Agent In Charge (ASAC) of the Boston Division of the FBI, the number two position in the region. The Boston Division of the FBI’s territory includes the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and New Hampshire. ASAC Sallet’s operational responsibility included White Collar Crime, Public Corruption. Healthcare Fraud, and Civil Rights matters.

Mr. Sallet also managed the Boston Division’s Counterterrorism and Crisis Management programs. Mr. Sallet led the coordinated law enforcement response and investigation of the Boston Marathon Bombings, which resulted in the identification and capture of the suspects in approximately 104 hours. Mr. Sallet was prominently featured in the National Geographic Channel’s, “Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers”, a two-hour special detailing the initial investigation and response.

Prior to his promotion in May of 2012, Mr. Sallet served five years as the Supervisory Senior Resident Agent (SSRA) of the Providence, Rhode Island Office of the FBI. In this position he was responsible for all Counter Terrorism, Public Corruption, Civil Rights, Government Fraud and Organized Crime investigations for the State of Rhode Island. Mr. Sallet was also the Program Coordinator for all organized crime investigations for the FBI’s Boston Division. During his tenure as the SSRA of FBI Providence, Mr. Sallet led an investigative effort which resulted in the indictment and conviction of long time New England La Cosa Nostra (NELCN) Boss Luigi “Baby Shanks” Manocchio on racketeering charges. The investigation also resulted in the near dismantlement of the Rhode Island faction of the NELCN.

Prior to his assignment at FBI Providence Mr. Sallet served approximately two years as a Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) in the La Cosa Nostra Unit at FBI Headquarters and for approximately eight years in the New York Division of the FBI. While in the New-York Office Mr. Sallet investigated Organized Crime, Public Corruption, Labor Racketeering and Counterterrorism.

He was the Case Agent on the investigation of “the Last Don”, Bonanno LCN Family Boss Joseph Massino. Mr. Sallet employed an innovative investigative approach which incorporated the application of forensic accounting techniques with traditional organized crime investigative methods to probe Massino and the hierarchy of the Bonanno LCN Family. This investigation led to the conviction and eventual cooperation of Massino, who became the first ever official New York LCN Boss to cooperate with the Government. The investigation also led to the indictment and conviction of over 100 members and associates of organized crime, as well as solving in excess of 30 cold case murders. Among other murders, Massino was convicted for the 1981 slaying of Bonanno LCN Family Captain Dominick “Sonny Black” Napolitano. Napolitano was killed due to his role in introducing FBI Special Agent Joseph Pistonc into the Bonanno LCN Family; Pistonc used the undercover name “Donnie Brasco”. Pistone’s heroic effort was the subject of a book and feature film. Also, as a result of this investigation, the leader of the Montreal Mafia Vito Rizzuto was convicted of RICO Conspiracy. The RICO Conspiracy Rizzuto was convicted of included the 1981 triple homicide of three Bonanno LCN Family Captains in Brooklyn, New York. The Massino investigation has been chronicled in several books, news publications and has been the subject of three television documentaries. The latest documentaries, one for the Biography Channel and the other for the National Geographic Channel series prominently featured Mr. Sallet. Mr. Sallet received the Attorney General’s Director’s Award in 2005 for his work on the Massino investigation.

Mr. Sallet was also FBI New York’s co-lead financial investigator for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In this role Mr. Sallet was responsible for financially tracking Al-Qaeda assets, identifying funding for the terrorist attacks and vetting hundreds of financial leads which were being investigated by the FBI’s New York Division.

Mr. Sallet has been frequently interviewed by television and newspapers for his expertise in organized crime and other investigative matters. He has lectured throughout the world on organized crime, FCPA, civil rights, public corruption and forensic accounting matters.

Prior to entering on duty with the FBI Mr. Sallet worked for two different world wide professional services firms, first as an auditor and then as a forensic accountant. Mr. Sallet is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Financial Forensics (CFF).

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