Journalist’s House in Makassar Breaked into Unknown Person (OTK), PPWI Urges Police to Arrest the Perpetrator

Makassar, North Sulawesi, Media – Terror and intimidation against journalists in Makassar City, South Sulawesi, occurred again.  This time it happened to Imansyah Rukka who was an online national media reporter.

His house, located on Jalan Laikang, Aida Green Residence Housing, Bakung Village, Makassar City was damaged by an unknown person (OTK), on Wednesday (6/1/2021), at 03.30 WITA in the morning.  According to Imansyah Rukka, when the incident happened he was in the house.  He admitted that he had heard the sound of people tapping on the window of his room when he was fast asleep.

“At first I slept soundly, suddenly I woke up to hear someone knocking on my window, suspiciously, I tried to peek through the gap in the curtains, and there was a man with a rather muscular body standing on the porch with an Avanza.  black. The person was seen observing something around my house, “said Iman.

After that, Iman heard that the door of his house was forcefully broken and the door was kicked, and the person entered the house.  Then the person took the laptop that was stored on the table in the living room along with the accessories, as well as a small sling bag which was the journalist’s ID card ID edition and some coverage equipment.

“I kept the laptop on the table in the living room after working at night, while the bags and accessories on the chairs were also missing. The bag contained journalists’ ID cards, car keys and power bank,” explained Iman.

In addition, four car tires and wheels that were neatly arranged near the living room door were brought by the perpetrators.

Feeling terrorized, Iman immediately rushed to peer through the gap in the window curtain to find out who the culprit was.  “I was peeking out anxiously through the curtains to find out who did it,” he said.

Due to this incident, the victim made a police report to the Biringkanaya Police, Makassar Police, South Sulawesi Regional Police.

Responding to the burglary at the home of journalist Imansyah Rukka who was allegedly motivated by intimidation, threats, and the disappearance of evidence from journalistic investigations by journalists in Makassar, the General Chairman of the Indonesian Citizens’ Association (PPWI), Wilson Lalengke, S.Pd., M.Sc., MA  , asked the police to take firm action against the perpetrators.  He also strongly condemned acts of terror by individuals who were not responsible for the citizen journalism press in Makassar.

“We hope the police can uncover the terror case against journalist Imansyah Rukka because it violates the press law and is a criminal act,” said Wilson Lalengke, who is an Alumni of PPRA-48 Lemhannas RI 2012, Saturday, January 9, 2021.

Furthermore, Kapolsek Biringkanaya, Makassar City, Kompol Wayan Wayracana Karyawan, S.I.K, when confirmed about what was experienced by journalist Imansyah Rukka who was on duty at the daily, did not give any response or response at all.  “Even though the case has been reported to the Biringkanaya Police, there has been no response at all,” said the victim, Imansyah sadly.  (IRK / Red)

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