Journalists, Jakarta Journalists Forum (FWJ) Indonesia wants to confirm even at USIR, DEPOK Police Officer: This is Depok, not BEKASI!?!

Jakarta, DEPOK- Media | Several members of the RESMOB Satreskrim Polres Metro DEPOK expelled the General Chairperson of the Jakarta Journalists Forum (General Chairperson of FWJ) Indonesia, Musthofa Hadi Karya (Opan) and his team, while accompanying one of the East Jakarta Regional Coordinator (KORWIL) Management, who intended to confirm and asking for clarification regarding the ‘Pawn Car Rental’ case. The incident, which is considered demeaning to the journalist’s profession, occurred at around 01.00 WIB on Saturday (11/9/2021) in the morning.

Ironically, the presence of the FWJ Team was actually referred to by the DEPOK POLRES RESMOB member as the ‘PEMBACK-UP’ vehicle collector. Therefore, KETUM FWJ asked RESMOB to withdraw his remarks. So the ‘Argument Argument’ could not be avoided, which resulted in the ‘EXPORT OF JOURNALISTS’ who were members of the Indonesian FWJ.

It was observed in the audio-visual and video recordings of ‘AROGANCY’ the members of RESMOB POLRES DEPOK, even those indicated as ‘threatening’ by saying that they would instead arrest KETUM FWJ which of course was only because they were angry with him.

Musthofa Hadi in this case asked the National Police Chief, Paminal and Propam Polri to thoroughly investigate and take firm action against the Resmob members who had acted inappropriately against the journalist profession.

“We ask and urge the ranks of the National Police to immediately take a firm stance, if not heeded, this will happen again and will set a bad precedent for the relationship between the police and journalists,” said Opan, his nickname.

This incident was disclosed by Opan because there was a series of incidents where the Ranmor R4 network was exposed in the jurisdiction of the Depok City Police. Police confession to Muhammad Nur, that there have been around 43 units of vehicles that have been secured by the Depok Police Resmob.

“If there is indeed a ranmor mafia network in Depok, we hope that the Depok police must solve it, and not one vehicle is returned to its owner before the trial process ends. Moreover, because the unit is evidence,” he explained.

In addition to being protected by Law (UU) Number 40 of 1999 in carrying out their duties, journalists are also entitled to obtain information by referring
The KIP Law, or Law Number 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Disclosure is very important as a legal basis relating to that, it is the right of everyone to obtain information; second, the obligation of public bodies or law enforcement agencies to provide and serve requests for information quickly, timely, proportionally, and in a simple way; third, exceptions are strict and limited; and fourth, the obligation of the Public Agency to improve the documentation system and information services.

Law Number 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Disclosure (KIP) confirms as in Article 28 F of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia which states that everyone has the right to communicate and obtain information to develop their personal and social environment, and has the right to seek information. , obtain, possess, and store Information by using all available channels, instead of being treated inappropriately by being ‘USIR’.

Moreover, in the incident of the expulsion of the FWJ media crew, there was an element of discrimination in an area, namely the tone of voice of a member who said that Depok City seemed to be ‘more different’ than the city of BEKASI. “This is Depok, not Bekasi,” he said in the recording. (*/dok-ist./fwj-bks/Red)

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