Makkah Live: بث مباشر || قناة القرآن الكريم

Umrah (Arabic: عمرة) is one of the religious activities in Islam.

Almost similar to the pilgrimage, this worship is carried out by performing several rituals of worship in the holy city of Mecca, especially at the Grand Mosque.

In the technical term of shari’ah, Umrah means performing tawaf at the Ka’bah and sa’i between Shofa and Marwah, after wearing ihram which is taken from the miqat. It’s also known as small hajj.

The difference between Umrah and Hajj is the time and place. Umrah can be performed at any time (every day, every month, every year) and only in Mecca, while Hajj can only be performed at some time between the 8th of Dzulhijjah to 12 of Dzulhijjah and is carried out outside the city of Mecca.

The requirements for doing Umrah are the same as those for doing Haj:

Muslim. Baligh, and intelligent, Merdeka Have the ability, provision and vehicle, and budget, There is a mahram or companion (especially for women)

The pillars of Umrah are:

Ihram, intending to start Umrah, Thawaf, Sai, Tahallul, Orderly.

As for the obligatory Umrah are:

Perform ihram when about to enter the miqat, Bertahallul by shaving or cutting some hair,

Explanation: Leaving a pillar, then the Umrah is not perfect and must be repeated, leaving the obligation, Umrah is still valid and the mistake (leaving the obligation) can be covered with DAM or a fine, Having sex with a husband or wife before tahallul is obliged to pay a goat.

There are several types of Umrah, the common ones are Umrah which is combined with the implementation of Hajj such as the Hajj Tamattu, there are also Umrah that are not related to Hajj.

Umrah Mufradah, Umrah Tamattu ‘, Umrah Sunnah

For the procedures for performing Umrah, it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

It is sunnah to take a big bath (janabah) before ihram for Umrah. Wearing ihram clothes. For men, 2 cloths are used as a sarong and shawl, while for women they wear any clothes that cover their genitals without any decorations and do not wear a veil or gloves. The intention to do umrah in your heart, when you reach the miqot (boundary of the holy land area), pray two rokaat of sunnah and say Labbaika Allahumma ‘umrotan or Labbaika Allahumma bi’umrotin. Then do albiyah with a loud voice for men and enough with the voice heard by the person beside him for women,

Namely saying Labbaikallahumma labbaik labbaika laa syarika laka labbaik. Innal hamda wan ni’mata laka wal mulk laa syarika laka.

If you have reached the city of Makkah, it is sunnah to take a shower before entering it.

Arriving at the Ka’bah, talbiyah stopped before tawaf. Then towards hajar aswad while touching it with your right hand and kissing it if you can and say Bismillahi wallahu akbar.

If you can’t touch and smell it, then just make a gesture and say Allahu akbar.

Thawaf as much as 7 rounds. The first 3 rounds are brisk walking and the rest are regular roads. Thowaf begins and ends at hajar aswad and the ka’bah is made to be on the left.

Pray 2 rak’ahs behind the station of Ibrahim if you can or in another place in the Grand Mosque by reading surah Al-Kafirun on the first rak’ah and Al-Ikhlas on the second rak’ah.

Sa’i by going up to the hill of Shofa and facing the Qibla while raising both hands and saying:

Innash shofa wal marwata min sya’aairillah. Abda’u bima bada’allahu bihi (I started with what Allah started).

Then take takbir 3 times without giving a signal and say Laa ilaha illallahu wahdahu laa syarika lahu. Lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu wahuwa ‘alaa kulli syai’in qodiir. Laa ilaha illallahu wahdahu anjaza wa’dahu wa nasoro ‘abdahu wa hazamal ahzaaba wahdahu 3x.

Then pray as you wish. The practice at point 8 is repeated every round on the hillside of Shofa and Marwah accompanied by a prayer.

Sa’i is performed 7 times with a count of departing once and returning counted once,

starting at Shofa Hill and ending at Marwah Hill.

Shaving all or part of the head hair for men and cutting it to the extent of the fingertips for women, thus completing the Umrah practice.


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