Media – The National Narcotics Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BNN RI) together with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the United States held a Counter Narcotics Investigation Workshop which was attended by investigators of drug crimes from BNN RI and the National Police at Hotel Surya Pasuruan, East Java, (02/11). ).


The activity was attended by the Director of Cooperation of BNN RI Drs. Achmad Djatmiko, M.A, Head of BNNP East Java, Drs. M. Aris Purnomo, Head of Publication and Social Media Bureau of Humpro BNN RI Hanny Andhika Sarbini, SIK, SH, MH, Heads of BNNK throughout East Java, DEA Attache Mr. Bryan Barger, DEA Deputy Attache Mr. Matthew Scheitlin and DEA Investigator Mr. Victor Hutapea.


In his remarks the Director of Cooperation Drs. Achmad Djatmiko, M.A. revealed that drug crime has now become a crucial issue so that through this training it is hoped that there will be an increase in the ability of investigators to deal with drug crimes in Indonesia and across countries. He added that most of the current inmates of prisons are drug convicts. Of the many convicts in drug cases, his party wants this problem to be discussed in this workshop so that it can break the drug network.

Meanwhile, Head of BNNP East Java Drs. M. Aris Purnomo suggested that the next training could add material about social media and money laundering, because currently drug dealers and syndicates use methods and modes related to these two things in hiding their assets originating from drug crimes.

In this workshop activity, participants from the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency and the Indonesian National Police will be given training materials on techniques and tactics in investigating and investigating drug crimes given by lecturers from representatives of the United States DEA, including DEA Attache Mr. Bryan Barger, DEA Deputy Attache Mr. Matthew Scheitlin and DEA Investigator Mr. Victor Hutapea._

On behalf of the leadership of BNN RI, Drs. Achmad Djatmiko, M.A expressed his appreciation and appreciation to the DEA leaders who were in Jakarta for their cooperation and support in providing _Counter Narcotics Investigation Workshop_ training to drug criminal investigators.

“It should be noted that the relationship between BNN RI and DEA had previously been closely intertwined, therefore this collaboration needs to be improved and maintained,” said the Director of Cooperation of BNN RI.

Meanwhile, _DEA Deputy Attache Mr. Matthew Scheitlin_ as a representative of the United States DEA said that during the training the participants were expected to be able to follow all the materials and instructions given by the teachers from the United States Narcotics Agency (DEA) and the United States Attorney’s Office.

“We hope that the participants can realistically reveal the case even though this is only a scenario”, said Mr. Matthew (after translated into Indonesian)

Mr. Matthew in front of the training participants expressed his gratitude for the implementation of this training and hopes that the participants will continue to be enthusiastic in working in the field of law enforcement, especially narcotics crime.

It was emphasized that the handling of drug crimes does not have the term _work from home_ and there has never been a history of drug criminal action agents doing _work from home._ Mr. Matthew advised that even though we are currently in the _Covid-19 pandemic situation, we must be on the ground in eradicating drug crime. (HNY/ADR)

*BNN RI Public Relations and Protocol Bureau*

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