Podcast: Daily Briefing Mar. 22 – What you need to know on eve of 4th election

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From The Times of Israel’s Daily


Media www.rajawalisiber.com – Welcome to The Times of Israel’s Daily Briefing: Your 15-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish world, from Sunday through Thursday.

Today’s panel comprises founding editor David Horovitz and political and diplomatic correspondent Tal Schneider, along with host Amanda Borschel-Dan.

On today’s show, with one day left until the fourth Israeli election within two years, we prepare for the ballot box by looking at the process ahead, the big parties and some of the hopeful no-hopers.

The number of people voting with so-called double envelope ballots, which are counted last, is expected to increase from 330,000 in the previous elections to up to 600,000. How could this affect Tuesday night, and the weeks ahead? And when will we know who has really won?

We analyze Yamina head Naftali Bennett’s pledge not to join a government with Yesh Atid’s Yair Lapid as prime minister. Will it win Bennett more votes? Is it smart politics?

With Shas leader Aryeh Deri defending the absence of female candidates on his party’s slate by saying “It isn’t their natural place,” we look at the role of gender politics in this election and how the only female party leader, Labor’s Merav Michaeli, has changed the discourse.
And finally, from Netanyahu apparatchiks to those dead-set on ousting him, plus anti-vaxxers and cult wives, everything you need to know about the lesser-known factions running in Tuesday’s vote.

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