Police raid the house of methamphetamine dealers in Bungah district, confiscate 2.65 grams of methamphetamine ready for distribution

Gresik Police Public Relations Source


Gresik, East Java, Indonesia, Media www.rajawalisiber.com – Gresik Resort Police raided the house of a methamphetamine dealer in Bungah District. Seven clips of methamphetamine ready to be circulated were secured from the hands of these two traffickers. In total there are 2.65 grams of methamphetamine ready for distribution.

The raid was led directly by the Head of Research and Development, AKP Irwan Tjatur Pambudi, on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, at around 19:00 WIB. Officers visited the residence in Karangliman Hamlet, Kramat Village, Bungah District. Two men named Asis and Sullam Taukhit were arrested.

Abd. Asis (40) works as a fisherman from Socah, Madura and Sullam Taukhit (39) did not graduate from elementary school, a resident of Karangliman, Kramat Village, Bungah District.

Officers also secured a cell phone box containing plastic methamphetamine containing 0.59 grams. Four straws, two matches, one electric scale, and Rp 1 million in cash. Six empty plastic clips, one glass bottle, and two cell phones.

“They were found in possession of and possessing seven plastic bags containing methamphetamine,” said Gresik Police Chief AKBP Mochamad Nur Azis, SH, SIK, MSi through the Gresik Police Reskoba Head AKP Irwan Tjatur Pambudi. Monday (22-11-2021)

After being weighed by the officers, each methamphetamine weighing 0.31 grams, 0.30 grams, 0.30 grams, 0.30 grams, 0.29 grams, 0.28 grams and 0.28 grams.

“The perpetrator and the evidence were brought to the Gresik Police for further legal proceedings,” he explained.

Both were named suspects and charged with Article 114 paragraph (1) Sub-Article 112 paragraph (1) in conjunction with Article 132 paragraph (1) of the Republic of Indonesia Law no. 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics. ***

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