Remembering the figure of a POLRI leader that the Indonesian people can be proud of.

General Police (Ret.) Drs.  Sutanto (born in Comal, Pemalang, Central Java, September 30, 1950; age 70 years) was the Head of the Indonesian State Intelligence Agency from October 22, 2009 to October 19, 2011. Previously he was Chief of the Indonesian National Police from July 8, 2005 to September 30, 2008  .


Media  – The longing and role models of the Indonesian people who have served as the National Police Chief (Jendral Polisi SUTANTO).  Really Uphold the rule of law and protect the people in this beloved Republic of Indonesia.

There has never been a brutal shooting of activists by his ranks.
Religion is not Divisions.

Safe houses of worship and peaceful religious worshipers.
Between Religion Adherents There is no mutual insult or blasphemy.

It means that all of that can be controlled if there is a Firm and Exemplary Example from a leader.

Even though at that time the President was often at a demonstration and protested by one of the biggest opposition groups whose word was Cinta Wong Little (Before Ruling)

Even at that time the President was “humiliated” with a demonstration carrying a buffalo but none of the demonstrators have been jailed on charges of humiliation or harassment.

There has never been any Criminalization of Ulama or Religious Leaders during his tenure.

There has never been a dissolution of Islamic mass organizations, Even though he was quite firm in eradicating evil.

Courage to take firm action even to completely close the BigBos of Bandar Gambling, Togel, Kim and Legal Mafias in the Republic of Indonesia.

However, after his service period, he ended up becoming the Chief of Police.

There is never a figure who becomes a role model for his successors who can be loved by the people honestly and sincerely.

May God Protect With Health to Father and Family Wherever They Are.  Aamiin …

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