Rethinking Chinese Politics: A Book Talk

From Center for Strategic & International Studies


Media  – Please join the CSIS Freeman Chair in China Studies and Trustee Chair in Chinese Business and Economics for the book launch of Joseph Fewsmith’s Rethinking Chinese Politics. In the book, Fewsmith argues, as in all Leninist systems, political power is difficult to pass on from one leader to the next. Fewsmith traces four decades of elite politics from Deng to Xi, showing how each leader has built power (or not). He shows how the structure of politics in China has set the stage for intense and sometimes violent intra-elite struggles, shaping a hierarchy in which one person tends to dominate, and, ironically, providing for periods of stability between intervals of contention.

Following an initial presentation by author Joseph Fewsmith, Jessica Teets of Middlebury College will offer commentary on the key takeaways of the book. Freeman Chair Jude Blanchette and Trustee Chair Scott Kennedy will co-host and also offer their reactions.

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