Secretary General Setya Kita Pancasila Swab Anti-Genes as well as Covid 19 Vaccines, Secretary General Gives Information on Negative Swab Results

Jakarta, Media – This time the Swab is for the purpose of departing for South Sulawesi and Gorontalo in order to grant SK and mandate as well as strengthen the SKP Organization there,

The Secretary General of SKP Keep reminds its cadres to carry out Covid 19 Vaccines and Swab to ensure that they are free from Covid or not, the Secretary General also said that he will continue to work for SKP while doing his work as a building and developer contractor.

Meyske Yunita, Secretary General of the Setya Kita Pancasila Central Leadership Council (DPP SKP) who is often called Mbak Keke, in the framework of organizational duties will visit South Sulawesi (Thursday, 28 January 2021) and Gorontalo (Friday, 29 January 2021) in the near future .

In order to carry out the mandate of the Secretary General of the SKP organization, it has carried out an Antigen Swap and Covic 19 vaccination. The swap results are declared “Negative”

Meyske said, “This antigen swap was carried out for visits to South Sulawesi and Gorontalo in the context of granting SK and Mandates as well as strengthening the SKP organization.

Because it is realized that this organization must grow and develop and cadres in the regions have the militancy to raise and become agents for the greatness of SKP,

The Secretary General of SKP, who is also a businessman engaged in the Development Carrier and Contractor, expects SKP cadres to vaccinate so that they are free from Covid 19.

Through this, Secretary General of SKP Meyske Yunita hopes that all administrators from the central to the regions will continue to work and work in the dignity and glory of this beloved organization without forgetting our main work.

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