SPECTEHNOMASH: Special technological equipment for ammunition production of calibers: 9×18; 9×19; 5.45×39; 5.56×45; 7.62×39; 7.62×51; 7.62×54; 12.7×108; 12.7×99; 14.5×114


Media www.rajawalisiber.com – “SPECTEHNOMASH” Scientific Production Center” LLC is a modern enterprise that has many years of experience in design, production, and operation of production equipment cartridges. At present, the company has its own at the disposal of qualified engineering and technical personnel, specialists, production facilities for the manufacture of equipment for the production of cartridges, modern equipment for manufacture high-quality tools, and the necessary infrastructure.

Specialists of our company developed a design-technological documentation for special technological equipment for the production of ammunition for small arms of all main calibers:

  • 9×18; 9×19; 5.45×39; 5.56×45; 7.62×39; 7.62×51; 7.62x54mm (production technology is based on the use ofhigh-performance automatic rotary lines);
  • 12.7×108; 12.7×99; 14.5×114; 23; 30 mm (in productiontechnology modern multi-position presses are used).


The main advantage of the offered technology is based on automatic rotary lines before traditional technology in that processing and control of details is carried out in the course of transport moving processed products.

This principle provides the necessary performance when the compact location of equipment and the minimum number of employees. Having modern research and production potential, the technical level which is based on production experience automated technological equipment, the enterprise provides high-quality process equipment for the production of ammunition, tools, test equipment, and packaging.

The quality assurance system at the enterprise is based on experience production and supply of various products to customers that require high reliability.


Taking into account the requirements of the Customers, the Company provides:

  • A comprehensive approach to the production of products;
  • Ability to supply turnkey equipment (under a separatecontract);
  • Ensuring the supply of tools to the Customer and materialsfor the production of ammunition;
  • Provision of technical documentation and, if necessaryhighly qualified production and engineering staff;
  • Training of specialists in the Customer’s country;
  • Modernization and optimization of existing productionfacilities for expanding the range and increasing productionvolumes;
  • Planning decisions and design of equipment placement forthe manufacture of cases, bullets, assembly and packagingof cartridges;
  • After delivery of the equipment to the Customer, we carryout service throughout the service life of suppliedequipment.
  • The supply of spare parts is guaranteed throughout servicelife.

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