Supporting polio eradication in Ukraine and neighboring countries: Meet Dr Faisal Lodhi

Source World Health Organization



Media – The World Health Organization’s ‘Who’s WHO’ video series tells the story of the WHO workforce and the work they do to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable.

For WHO’s 75th anniversary, we are celebrating the diversity and commitment of many exceptional individuals that work tirelessly, behind-the-scenes to support and enable others.

Meet Dr Faisal Lodhi, who began his medical career in histopathology until his multiple sclerosis diagnosis refocused him in field of polio vaccination.

His condition has not prevented him from serving in the field, assisting the most vulnerable in Ukraine and neighboring countries to help eradicate polio. He credits the sense of belonging to WHO as the driving force that keeps him going.

“I’m proud to be WHO because this badge gives me strength, the feeling that I’m not alone.”

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