The coronavirus in New York, by the numbers

A look at the latest key figures in the state.
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Media – How do you measure an outbreak? The coronavirus pandemic hit New York state harder than almost anywhere else in the world. While the disease continues to rapidly spread in other areas of the country, cases and hospitalizations are increasing once again in New York.

But the government continues to provide data that can help put the past, present and future of the pandemic in context. Consider these numbers to be a snapshot in time of an ongoing crisis.

New York state

30,648 – The number of people who have died after testing positive for the coronavirus, as of Jan. 4. There were 170 deaths on Jan. 3, and there were 166, 128 and 138 deaths on the three preceding days.

1,028,362– Total number of positive tests for the coronavirus, as of Jan. 4. There were 11,209 positive tests on Jan. 3.

25,983,464– The total number of administered tests for the coronavirus in New York state, as of Jan. 4.11,018,857 of the tests have been conducted in New York City.

8,251– The number of people hospitalized with the coronavirus onJan. 3. There were 7,886, 7,814 and 7,963 hospitalizations on the three preceding days.

1,357– The number of patients in intensive care units on Jan. 3. There were 1,292, 1,321 and 1,344 ICU patients on the three preceding days.


COVID19 Jan 02.png

Daily COVID-19 hospitalizations in New York. ( Alex Law/City & State )


New York City

17,609– Number of confirmed coronavirus deaths of New York City residents reported by the state, as of Jan. 4. The city reported 20,457 confirmed deaths and 4,827 probable deaths, as of Jan. 4.

443,647 – Total number of positive tests for the coronavirus, as of Jan. 4. There were 3,726 positive tests reported on Jan. 3, according to the state.


20,667,587 – The number of positive tests for the coronavirus across the United States, as of Jan. 4.

-with reporting by Jeff Coltin, Rebecca C. Lewis, Annie McDonough, Zach Williams and Holly Pretsky.

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