The International Press Institute (IPI) North American Committee welcomes Andrea Sahouri acquittal

Des Moines Register reporter found not guily of failing to disperse and police interference in connection with coverage of George Floyd protests


Media  – The North American Committee of the International Press Institute (IPI) hails the acquittal of Des Moines Register reporter Andrea Sahouri on all charges stemming from her May 2020 arrest while covering a George Floyd protest in Iowa.

After a three-day trial, Sahouri and a companion were found not guilty of failing to disperse and interfering with Des Moines police who were trying to control unruly protestors. On police body cam footage played during the trial, jurors heard Sahouri identify herself as a Register reporter as she was pepper sprayed by police.

“The jury made the right decision,” said Sahouri.

John Daniszewski, IPI special representative for journalist safety at IPI, and vice president and editor at large for standards for The Associated Press, said:

“The International Press Institute and its North American Committee heartily applaud this court decision. It was regrettable that officials in the city decided to take this to trial.  The facts showed Sahouri was simply doing her job as a reporter. IPI-NAC sees this decision as a vindication, affirming the right of journalists in the United States to cover protests and demonstrations in the public interest.”

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