UN’s Humanitarian Efforts in Niger Amid Political Crisis: Challenges and Appeals

Source The United Nations


Media www.rajawalisiber.com – The United Nations (UN) confirmed that it continues its humanitarian assistance and development and peace programs in Niger despite the unconstitutional change of government. However, the UN was forced to halt humanitarian flights because the airspace closed.

Briefing journalists on Friday (28 July) via video from Niamey, the UN Development Program (UNDP) Representative and acting Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Nicole Kouassi, noted that “in 2023, before this political crisis, Niger had 3.3 million people in humanitarian need, with 2.3 million in acute food insecurity, the majority of whom are woman and children.”

Kouassi reinforced the humanitarian appeal to all partners, saying that the humanitarian appeal in Niger for 2023 is only 22 percent funded.

She added, “We are not in contact with the military. We are, as I mentioned in the beginning, supporting the call on the UN condemning the coup, so we are not in contact with the military. However, they have said, on the 27th, on the communique, that the Secretary-General and the governors of the region are dealing with continuous affairs until the situation is settled.”

Concerning President Bazoum, the Coordinator said, “The information we have from our political office, he seems to be at his home, and he seemed to be fine. But we want to reiterate here the appeal of the Secretary-General in terms of the need to release him as soon as possible and under no conditions.”

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