Was the United States or Ukraine involved in the attack on Nord Stream Pipelines?

Source The United Nations



Media www.rajawalisiber.com – The Security Council held a meeting today (11 July) to discuss last September’s explosions on the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

Bryce Greene, an independent journalist, said that “it is likely that the US knows far more about what happened than what they are letting on.”

Greene also said that “the consensus amongst western press and officials is that the United States or Ukraine was involved in the attack, and if Ukraine was involved in the attack, then it surely had US acquiescence.”

The journalist added, “Now, everyone here likely knows all of this, but given the US power to veto in the Security Council, it’s likely not going to change anytime soon.”

According to Greene, “the west has let these revelations sink into the background.”

“Despite this parlor game about whether or not it was American or Ukrainian divers who actually planted the charges, analysts and officials across the West seem to agree on a key facts: that the attack originated in the West, the BALTOPS exercises were the staging ground, and the US knows a lot more than it is sharing,” said the journalist.

For Greene, “these facts and their implications need to be seriously understood and addressed by both the Security Council, and the world’s press” and “western media is not seriously pressing for answers right now and the distinction between the “US did it” and “Ukraine did it” versions of the story are a distraction.”

He added, “It is a distinction without a difference. Both stories clearly indicate Western complicity, and a conspiracy of silence at the absolute least.”

Another independent journalist, Jeffrey A. Brodsky, said “Neither the data obtained on the expedition nor my investigative work has yet been able to conclusively attribute the sabotage to a specific nation-state.”

Brodsky added that “perhaps only the United Nations Security Council would be able to conclusively attribute the sabotage to a specific nation-state”.

According to him, “the Nord Stream sabotage stands as one of the most significant acts of eco-terrorism and industrial sabotage in history” and “it also represents one of the most pressing geopolitical mysteries of our time.”

Brodsky concluded, “Many people worldwide have lost faith in national and international institutions.

I hope that condemning this act of global terrorism and swiftly establishing a UN Security Council-led investigation into this enormous global crime can help restore some of this lost faith.

The world is watching – and expecting – the UN Security Council to uncover the truth about the sabotage and to share this truth publicly.”

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