Water Donation, Concern of The Indobatt XXIII-R / UNIFIL Task Force Which Was Carried Out Amidst The Lebanese Conflict Situation.

Source Indobatt XXIII-R Task Force


Lebanon, Media www.rajawalisiber.com –The lndobatt XXIII-R/UNIFIL Task Force provided clean water support using a water tanker to the ISF (_Internal Security Forces_) office located in El Aadaisse, South Lebanon on Thursday (14/ 03/2024).

Commander of Indobatt XXIII-R/UNIFIL Colonel Inf Ragung Ismail Akbar, S.Sos., M.I.Pol. said that the presence of the Indobatt Task Force in Lebanon must be able to help and provide benefits to local residents.

“We are providing assistance to the Lebanese ISF because they are having difficulty with clean water for their daily activities, due to the ongoing conflict situation, so that the supply of clean water to them is hampered,” explained Indobatt Comander.

As we know, the availability of clean water is very, very limited, so it is very difficult to get clean water, especially as the conflict situation in Lebanon is increasing day by day.

Initially the request for clean water was conveyed to LA (Language Assistant) Mr. Asmar and through the CIMIC Staff (Civil Military Coordination) Indobatt Task Force Major Chk Eka Yudha Kurniawan, S.H. reported to the Indobatt Commander, then the Indobatt Commander ordered to support the clean water.

“Apart from providing clean water assistance, we also have to build good relationships with civil agencies in this mission area, so that we hope they can support the success of our mission in the future,” said the Chief of Cimic.

The clean water support was immediately received by the Chief of ISF Office at El Aadaisse 1st LT Abdul Hamid and several of his members who were in the office, and then immediately filled into the water storage tanks at the Lebanese ISF (Internal Security Forces) office.

“I thank God for the clean water assistance given to us,” said Mr. Abdul Hamid.

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