Will Hezbollah and Iran Expand War to Israel’s North?

Source The Washington Institute


Media www.rajawalisiber.com – As hundreds of thousands of Israeli reservists mobilize to respond to Hamas’s barbaric terrorist attack this week, tensions are also rising along Israel’s northern border, with rockets from Lebanon landing in the Western Galilee.

Indeed, numerous analysts believe Hamas would never have launched its massive go-for-broke attack without a guarantee from Hezbollah and their mutual Iranian patron that the Lebanese Shia militia would mount its own massive attack if Israeli ground forces enter Gaza.

To discuss the prospects for a second front in Israel’s war against terrorist groups on its borders, The Washington Institute held a virtual Policy Forum on October 12, 2023 with:

David Schenker, the Institute’s Taube Senior Fellow and director of its Rubin Program on Arab Politics; former assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs

Hanin Ghaddar, the Institute’s Friedmann Senior Fellow and coauthor of its 2018 study “Iran’s Precision Missile Project Moves to Lebanon”

Maj. Gen. Yair Golan (Israel Defense Forces, Res.), former deputy chief of staff and commander of the northern front; former member of Knesset

Farzin Nadim, a senior fellow with the Institute and author of its recent study “The Next Generation of Iranian Ballistic Missiles”

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