With IPW and MAKI, the Jakarta Journalists Forum (FWJ) Escort 100 Heads of Police Working Days

The author is Chairman of the Jakarta Journalists Forum


JAKARTA, Media www.rajawalisiber.com – After the inauguration of General Pol Listyo Sigit Prabowo as Chief of Police by the President of the Republic of Indonesia on Wednesday, January 27, 2021, he has targeted various control agencies to supervise Listyo Sigit’s future performance.


A legal approach that prioritizes social control, the Jakarta Journalists Forum (FWJ) opened a room for discussion of Kebon Sirih in the context of ‘Guarding 100 Days of the New Police Chief’s Performance’ which was held at the FWJ DPP secretariat on Friday (29/1/2021) at the Press Council Building, Lt. 3 Kowari Central Jakarta,

The discussion was attended by the General Chairperson of IPW, Neta S Pane, Secretary General of the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Society (MAKI) Kurniawan, General Chair of the Jakarta Journalists Forum, Mustofa Hadi Karya who is usually called Opan, Chair of the OKK Division of the FWJ DPP Esa Tjatur Setiawan, General Chair of the Indonesian Press LBH. , FWJ advisor and chairman of Kowari, Lemans K, as well as FWJ administrators and dozens of journalists from various media.

Neta said that Lstyo Sigit’s consolidation was very good, so that there was no tendency to contra-version even though the current National Police Chief was a non-Muslim. “We give our appreciation for Sigit’s approach to various elements. IPW sees Sigit’s tough challenge as the Head of the National Police to be able to build a concept of a legal approach to society,” said Neta in the Kebon Sirih Discussion.

Neta also said that Listyo Sigit must immediately build the Consolidation, because there were 9 3-star Generals that Sigit passed. Although said Neta, Sigit himself has a long retirement period until 2027. “The composition of the alignment of the generals in the police must be done immediately,” said Neta.

Reviewing the results of Listyo Sigit’s commitment, Neta urged the National Police Chief to immediately fulfill his promises. Following are Listyo’s promises for the Police to be better. Listyo Sigit has also built a concept by forming Eight Commitments, namely:

1. Listyo is committed to transforming the National Police institution into precision, namely predictive, responsibility, and fair transparency. During the tenure of General Idham Azis Polri, the slogan was a promoter, namely professional, modern and reliable.

2. Committed to guaranteeing security to support national development programs.

3. Maintaining internal solidity.

4. Increasing the synergy and solidity of the TNI-Polri, as well as working with legal officials and ministries / agencies to support and supervise government programs.

5. Support the creation of an ecosystem of innovation and creativity that encourages Indonesia’s progress.

6. Showcase servant leadership and be an example.

7. Prioritizing problem prevention, implementation of restorative justice and problem solving.

8. Being loyal to the Republic of Indonesia and always caring for diversity.

Apart from that, in the composition of his universal concept, Sigit also promised to enforce the law without regard for it. Listyo Sigit promised to enforce the law fairly without discrimination. He admitted that he visited a number of figures when he was selected as the sole candidate for the National Police Chief. Even in his construction approach, Listyo Sigit said that in the future there should no longer be laws that are only sharp downward but blunt upward.

Listyo Sigit also ensured that there would no longer be a mother reporting her child. Such matters are in the hands of the National Police Chief Listyo Sigit in the future, or of course, other cases that disturb the sense of justice in society.

Listyo views that the public needs law enforcement that upholds a sense of justice for the community, not for legal certainty that has become the main focus for improvement. Thus, being able to change the face of the National Police to meet the expectations of the community, meet the expectations of the people by being oriented towards the interests of the community based on law, being fair and respecting human rights, and guarding the democratic process.

In another concept, National Police Chief Listyo Sigit Prabowo reduces the question of numbers. Sigit emphasized that the traffic police do not need to get another ticket on the highway. This is because there are electronic traffic law enforcement (e-TLE) cameras. According to him, traffic police officers who took to the field only regulated the traffic flow that was jammed, and did not need to get a ticket because the traffic violators had been caught by the e-TLE camera.

Targeting the internal concept of the police, Listyo Sigit also promised to provide welfare to Polri members as a form of increasing motivation and performance in serving the community. In particular, providing housing, health services, and other employee rights.

Although Listyo Sigit is known to be from a non-Muslim, he has opened and accepted graduates from Madrasah Aliyah. “He also promised to accept the registration of members of the National Police for students who graduated from Madrasah Aliyah. Listyo admitted that he would take the ball to Madrasah Aliyah. We as IPW would appreciate it if all his promises could be realized immediately,” Beber Neta.

Kurniawan as Secretary General of the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Society (MAKI) reviewed Listyo’s achievements so far there has been no outstanding. However, Kurniawan still appreciates the approach that Listyo Sigit has taken to various elements and institutions.

“Sigit’s previous track record has not stood out yet, but the President has appointed Listyo to become the National Police Chief, meaning that this is Jokowi’s responsibility if the promises made by Sigit cannot be realized,” Kurniawan said firmly.

Law enforcement in Indonesia is increasingly becoming a tangled thread, said Kurniawan, because the law is sharp downward and blunt upward. “We will see and monitor Sigit’s performance. If it is still the same or even worse than the previous National Police Chiefs, then we ask Sigit to immediately resign before our law gets worse,” he criticized.

As the organizer of the Kebon Sirih Discussion, the Head of the Jakarta Journalists Forum agreed to work together with IPW and MAKI to supervise and control the future performance of the National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo.


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