Attacks on health care in Gaza Strip unacceptable, says WHO

Source World Health Organization


Media www.rajawalisiber.com4 November 2023 — WHO condemns the attacks on 3 November near Al-Shifa Hospital, Al-Quds Hospital, and the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza City and North Gaza governorates.

According to reports, at Al-Shifa Hospital, ambulances were evacuating critically injured and sick patients to hospitals in the south of the Gaza Strip when there was an attack at the entrance of the hospital. According to early reports, at least thirteen people were killed and more than 60 injured. The hospital infrastructure and one ambulance sustained damage. This was in addition to an earlier incident that had resulted in damage to another ambulance in the same convoy.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health had earlier sent an appeal for the safe passage of a convoy of ambulances carrying wounded and sick patients from the hospital, in an effort to reduce the strain on the hospital, which is already far exceeding its bed capacity while also sheltering thousands of displaced people.

Two further attacks were reported on the same day at Al-Quds Hospital, resulting in at least 21 injuries. An additional attack was reported near the Indonesian Hospital.

Attacks on health care, including the targeting of hospitals and restricting the delivery of essential aid such as medical supplies, fuel, and water, may amount to violations of International Humanitarian Law.

WHO reiterates its call for an immediate ceasefire, emphasizing the urgent need to protect all health workers, patients, health transport, and health facilities.

Gaza Strip – 28 OCT 2023

Various shots of destruction around Gaza; Various shots of injured people being taken for medical aid.

Note: at 00.17 in Arabic “stretcher, stretcher”; at 00.26 in Arabic “road, road(way)”; at 00.29 in Arabic “stretcher, stretcher”

Al-Quds (PRCS) hospital, Tel al-Hawa, Gaza Strip – 29 OCT 2023 

Various shots of displaced people sheltering at the hospital.

Dr Richard Peeperkorn, WHO Representative, occupied Palestinian territory (in English): WHO team in Gaza is very much operational. We immediately established a warehouse and the team is working against all odds and risk to their security to deliver life-saving medical supplies to the hospitals. The WHO supplies that came into via Rafah have been immediately distributed to 7 hospitals all over Gaza. Unfortunately, these essentially needed supplies are merely a drop in the ocean of needs.

Al-Quds (PRCS) hospital, Tel al-Hawa, Gaza Strip – 31 OCT 2023 

Various shots of displaced people sheltering at the hospital.

Dr Richard Peeperkorn, WHO Representative, occupied Palestinian territory: WHO calls for an urgent, accelerated access for humanitarian aid including food, water, food, and medical supplies into and throughout the Gaza strip.

Al-Quds (PRCS) hospital, Tel al-Hawa, Gaza Strip – 31 OCT 2023 

Shot of a young patient being treated; Various shots of an operation being performed; Various shots of a patient in a bed with a damaged ceiling above.

Mubarak-Tahrir hospital inside Al Nasser complex, Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip – 27 OCT 2023

Various shots of Intensive Care Unit (ICU); Various shots of children on ventilators and other interventions; Shot of new born and father

Alaa Suleiman Al-Ruqab, Midwife (in Arabic): In addition, the issue of medical supplies that we currently suffer from, from stitches to needles to medications that we may need during the birth process. Unfortunately, we suffer greatly from these matters and these requirements.

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