Children and families in Gaza are caught in a catastrophic situation

Source The United Nations

“Gaza Education under attack | UNICEF”



Media – More than two weeks into the war, thousands of children have reportedly been killed and thousands more injured.

Children and families in Gaza have been cut off from water, food, medicine, and other essentials, including safe access to hospitals, following escalating hostilities.

UNICEF is calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire and for unrestricted humanitarian access to allow aid to reach children and families in need, save lives and prevent further suffering.

“In all wars, it is children who suffer first and suffer most.”

Time is running out. Children are dying at an alarming rate and being denied their basic rights.

Even wars have rules. Hospitals and schools must be protected from bombings and they must not be used for military purposes, in accordance with international humanitarian law.

Civilians must be protected – children particularly – and all efforts must be made to spare them in all circumstances.

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