Media  – Head of the National Narcotics Agency, Dr. Petrus Reinhard Golose accompanied by the Main Secretary of the National Narcotics Agency, Drs. Dunan Ismail Isja, M.M. and Deputy for Eradication of the National Narcotics Agency, Drs. Arman Depari received a working visit from the Head of Bareskrim Polri, Drs. Agus Andrianto, S.H., M.H. and Dir. IV Narcotics Bareskrim Krisno Halomoan Siregar, S.I.K. at the BNN RI Office, East Jakarta, Friday (26/3).

The visit discussed rehabilitation and the phased process for rehabilitation. This is done in order to reduce the number of prisoners (prisoners) who are caught in drug cases. Currently, most of the residents of the Correctional Institution (Lapas) are drug convicts, who were caught by the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police and the National Narcotics Agency.

The Head of BNN RI hopes that with the Integrated Assessment Team (TAT) program that is implemented optimally can choose which users, which dealers, and which drug dealers. If in the examination process it is stated that an abuser can apply for rehabilitation, said Dr. Peter Reinhard Golose.

“Furthermore, the recovery process for drug addicts will be directed at six workshops / Rehabilitation Centers belonging to the BNN, such as the BNN Lido Rehabilitation Center, Sukabumi West Java, the BNN Baddoka Rehabilitation Center, South Sulawesi, Tanah Merah BNN Rehabilitation Center, Samarinda East Kalimantan , Rehabilitation Workshop for BNN Batam, Riau Islands, Rehabilitation Workshop for BNN Kalianda, South Lampung and Rehabilitation Workshop for BNN Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, “said the Head of BNN RI.

Then, during the visit, he also discussed the clean village of drugs (shining). The Head of the National Narcotics Agency of the Republic of Indonesia hopes that the village can shine together by cooperating with the Police Criminal Investigation Unit, relevant ministries and other stakeholders. (NP / ADR)

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