Landslides and flash floods in Pujon cut off the Malang – Kediri route, East Java

Malang East Java Indonesia, Media  -The subsequent landslides in Pujon cut the Malang – Kediri route again. The point of the landslide was precisely in Kedungrejo Hamlet, Sukomulyo Village, Pujon District. This is a point of landslide after cleaning.


High rainfall is suspected to be the cause of landslides in Bendosari Village, Pujon District, Malang Regency, Wednesday (03/02) in the morning. Damage along most of the roads resulted in the total closure of the Malang – Kediri route.

“This incident was reported at dawn, around 4:39 a.m., the cause is thought to be strong winds and heavy rain yesterday,” said Head of BPBD Malang Sadono Irawan to the media crew.

“There are cliffs that cause landslides, the height is approximately 20 meters, the soil mixed with bamboo clumps is scattered along the Malang – Kediri access route, so we completely closed it,” he continued.

The total loss has yet to be calculated. Because officers are still coordinating with local residents.

“We cannot estimate the loss. Now, the most important thing is that we need heavy equipment first and continue to coordinate with local residents so that their condition can improve as soon as possible,” he explained.

The teams involved in today’s disaster evacuation process are the Malang Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), the Malang Regency Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), the Ngantang District Koramil and local village officials.

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