Students of Fundraising Action, for Flood Victims in Muaragembong, Tapping Conscience to Care and Empathy

BEKASI Indonesia, Media – Dozens of houses in Kampung Pondok Dua, Kampung Sungai Labuh, Pantai Harapan Jaya Village, Muara Gembong District, Bekasi Regency were inundated by floods. Flooding was caused by overflowing sea water which empties into the Muara Gembong area and heavy rainfall for 3 consecutive days.


A total of 126 families (366 people) were flooded, which included 19 toddlers, 28 toddlers, 36 teenagers, 271 adults, and 12 elderly people who were affected.

this knocked the hearts of Bekasi students to go down the road to raise funds, all students of the Islamic Institute of Shalahuddin Al Ayubi (INISA) took to the streets inviting motorists to help each other, on Friday (5/02/2021).


“With this fundraising, hopefully it can add a sense of humanitarian care in Bekasi Regency,” said Rifqoh Nurjannah, Chair of the INISA Student Senate during an interview on Cibitung street.

He also said that many of these problems could not be resolved just by relying on government assistance, so the role of students and the community was needed to help each other too.

“As a student in particular, it should help the local community who are in trouble” he said.

The activity took place at two points, Cibitung red light and Grand Wisata Tambun red light. This fundraising action is planned to be held for 2 days, Friday and Monday.

According to him, Rifqoh Nurjannah, a good day according to Islamic religious beliefs, also invites all road users to participate in doing good.

“This activity takes place on Friday and Monday afternoon at the red light of Cibitung and Grand Wisata,” he said.

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