Pasops Brigif 1 Marines Opened RAPJ Primkopal Brigif 1 Mar

Source Indonesian National Army Headquarters Information Center


Media  – Primkopal Brigif 1 Marinir held a Meeting of Accountability Members (RAPJ) for the 35th Financial Year 2020, which was opened by Pasops Brigif 1 Mar Lt. Col. Mar Dwi Hartono, M.Tr.Opsla., Representing Danbrigif Mar 1 Colonel Mar Ena Sulaksana, SE, who held at the Multipurpose Building Samari Hall Kima Brigif 1 of the Marine Corps Hartono Cilandak, South Jakarta, Monday (01/02/2021).

This activity was attended by the Head of the Marine Corps Puskopal Lieutenant Colonel Mar Dasril, S.Ag., the 1st Marine Brigadier Head of the Marine Corps Major Mar Budi Santoso, the Head of the South Jakarta City Small and Medium Enterprises Office, represented by Andri Prabowo, Mar 1 Brigadier Staff Officer and Soldiers and Civil Service representatives TNI Brigadier 1 Marines.

The activity begins with the reading / delivery of the accountability member meeting (RAPJ) by Major Mar Budi Santoso, followed by the reading of the work program by the Head of the Small and Medium Enterprises Office Andri Prabowo.

On this occasion the Head of the Marine Corps Center for Cooperatives advised during the Covid-19 Pandemic that Primkopal Brigif Mar 1 always supports the Indonesian Navy’s Food Security program to realize the welfare of members through cooperatives, always be consistent in developing cooperatives, maintain cooperative principles that are always transparent and create reliable cooperatives. and professional and do not forget to carry out efforts that are directly oriented to meet the basic needs of members, so that the benefits can be felt immediately.

In the RAPJ with the theme, “With Kopal Independence, We Support the Indonesian Navy’s Food Security Program to Increase the Opportunities for Kopal Members and Their Families”. The purpose of holding this RAPJ is to provide an overview of the actual situation of Primkopal Brigif Mar 1 according to the results of the board’s examination in the 2020 Fiscal Year, directly or indirectly.

In his mandate Pasops Brigif 1 Mar conveyed high hopes for the management and participants of the RAPJ to run smoothly and produce decisions that were beneficial to the welfare of members. “Primkopal Brigif 1 Marines as a functional cooperative of the Marine Corps which has the task of assisting the Commander Brigif 1 Mar in improving and supporting the welfare of its members, helping to provide basic needs for Brigif 1 Mar members and jointly placing cooperatives as one of the strongholds of the nation’s economy. through cooperatives we support the Indonesian Navy’s food security program, “he said.


At the end of his mandate, Pasops Brigif 1 Mar advised RAT participants to avoid misuse of cooperative finances which resulted in weakening the development of cooperatives, establish cooperative relations between cooperatives so that the cooperative network is stronger, avoid cooperation with other business entities that are contrary to the function of Primkopal Brigif 1 Mar, turn the cooperative into a transparent legal entity.

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