Appreciation and Proud of the TNI Commander to Iswahjudi Air Force Operators

Source Indonesian National Army Headquarters Information Center


Media  – TNI Commander Marshal TNI Hadi Tjahjanto, S.I.P expressed his appreciation and pride to all Iswahjudi Air Force pilots. He conveyed this when giving directions to all Iswahjudi Air Force pilots, both pilots from Air Squadron 3, Air Squadron 14 and Air Squadron 15 at the VIP Room at Iswahjudi Air Base, Friday (29/1/2021).

“Thank you for the preparedness shown by the pilots in accepting and carrying out every order given by the Upper Command. The professionalism you have shown so far is your best dedication as the spearhead of the Indonesian Air Force,” said Marshal Hadi.

To all Iswahjudi Air Force pilots, the TNI Commander advised them to continue learning and training in order to create a professional Air Force pilot.

“Happy learning, happy duty, continue to improve your professionalism because the state and nation need your presence,” said the TNI Commander.

At this briefing, the TNI Commander also conveyed the important role of ensuring security stability in the government’s efforts to restore the Indonesian economy amid the Covid 19 pandemic. He conveyed, guaranteeing national stability was the key word in improving Indonesia’s economy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the TNI Commander also conveyed developments in the strategic environment, both globally, regionally and nationally. Marshal Hadi also conveyed the organizational development within the Indonesian National Army at this time.

The briefing to all Iswahjudi Air Force pilots was also attended by, Pangkogabwilhan III Lieutenant General TNI Ganip Warsito, SE, MM, Pangkoopsau II, Marsda TNI Minggit Tribowo, SIP, Danlanud Iswahjudi Marsma TNI M. Untung Suropati, SE as well as a number of TNI Headquarters officials and officials Iswahjudi Air Base.

After giving his briefing to the pilots, the TNI Commander and his entourage visited Air Squadron 15 and took pictures with all Air Squadron 15 personnel.

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