The 1st Marine Cavalry Regiment Carry Out Apple’s Personnel And Material Title

Source Indonesian National Army Headquarters Information Center


Media  – Commander of the 1st Marine Cavalry Regiment (Danmenkav 1 Mar) represented by Deputy Commander (Wadan) Menkav Mar 1, Lieutenant Colonel Mar Wisnu Syogo, M.Tr.Hanla., Held an Apple Title of personnel and materials which was held at the 1st Infantry Brigade Field of the Marine Corps Hartono Cilandak, South Jakarta, Monday (01/02/2021).

This activity was carried out aimed at observing the preparedness, professionalism of personnel and combat vehicle materials (Ranpur) of the Menkav 1 Mar, as well as checking various kinds of combat equipment for soldiers such as completeness of personnel pack norms, checking engines for Service Vehicles, Tactical Vehicles, Combat Vehicles, and good weaponry. Ranpur individuals and weapons.

In his direction at the activity, the Deputy Minister of Menkav 1 Mar emphasized the soldiers of the Menkav 1 Marines to pay attention to any developments in problems that occurred in the unit and also emphasized the Battalion Commander to pay attention to every change of personnel who were carrying out Under Operations Command (BKO).

In this activity, a soldier dexterity competition was also held, including unloading tires for service vehicles (KIA), unloading Ranpur chain wheels (BTR 50 P (M) and PT 76 (M), up and down Randis to Opleker and up and down Ranpur to Opleker which is also the closing activity for the Apple Title.

“Keep implementing health protocols at every activity to avoid transmission of the Covid-19 virus by means of 3M, namely wearing masks, maintaining distance and washing hands in every unit activity,” Lt. Col. Mar Wisnu Syogo ordered in front of soldiers while ending the series of the Title Apple activities.

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