Climate change: US needs to brace itself for more deadly storms, experts say; Power outages linger for millions as another icy storm looms

“VIDEO: 3,500 cold-stunned sea turtles rescued in Texas.”




Media  – Deadly weather will be battering the United States more often and America needs to get better at dealing with it, experts said as Texas and other states battled winter storms that blew past the worst-case planning of utilities and governments, leaving millions to shiver.


The storms fit a pattern of worsening extremes under climate change and demonstrated anew that local, state and federal officials have failed to do enough to prepare for more dangerous weather, Matthew Daly and Ellen Knickmeyer report.


The crisis sounded an alarm for power systems throughout the country to plan for severe conditions even beyond historical trends. Experts say a lot needs to be done to prepare better for the future storms sure to come.


The Storm & Fallout: Millions of Americans endured another frigid day without electricity or heat after the deadly winter storm. The situation put pressure on utility crews to restore power before another blast of snow and ice sowed more chaos. Nearly 3.4 million customers around the U.S. were still without electricity, and some also had no water service, Paul J. Weber in Austin and Jill Bleed in Little Rock report.


Texas officials ordered 7 million people to boil tap water before drinking it following days of record low temperatures that damaged infrastructure and froze pipes. That’s a quarter of the population of the nation’s second-largest state. The latest storm was certain to complicate recovery efforts, especially in states unaccustomed to such weather.


EXPLAINER: Why the power grid failed in Texas and beyond.

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