District Secretariat Wins 2021 Public Information Disclosure Award



Media www.rajawalisiber.com – The Cabinet Secretariat (Setkab) won an award as a state institution and non-ministerial government institution (LPNK) in the “informative” category at the Public Information Disclosure Award at Government Public Bodies in 2021, Tuesday (26/10/2021) morning.


The Regency Secretariat managed to get a score of 90.87, an increase from the previous year’s achievement of 80.35.


The award, which was presented by the Vice President (Vice President) of the Republic of Indonesia, Ma’ruf Amin, was given based on the Decree of the Central Information Commission Number 10/KEP/KIP/X/2021 concerning the Results of Monitoring the Evaluation of Public Information Openness in 2021 which was carried out on 337 public bodies. Of these, 83 of them won the “informative” category, 63 public bodies in the “towards informative” category, 54 public bodies in the “quite informative” category, and 37 public bodies in the “less informative” category, and 100 public bodies in the “not informative” category. informative”.


Starting his speech, the Vice President expressed his appreciation for the activities held by the Central Information Commission. “This award is a very good opportunity for public bodies to continue to accelerate the best efforts regarding information disclosure through various innovations,” he said.


The Vice President hopes that the assessment carried out by the Information Commission will become a means of introspection for all public bodies to continue to maintain and improve the performance of public services and their productivity, even during the current COVID-19 pandemic. “Congratulations to the public body that has obtained the qualification as an informative public body,” he added.


The Vice President emphasized that the government guarantees the rights of its citizens to obtain information in accordance with the mandate of the 1945 Constitution Article 28 F and Law Number 14 of 2006 concerning Openness of Public Information.


This must be done to maintain public trust in state administrators. “All public bodies must continue to promote the spirit of openness and accountability of information which aims to build public trust and support in strengthening the spirit of a democratic state and nationality.


For this reason, all public bodies must also be open to criticism, suggestions, and input from the public. Respond to criticism politely, both ethically and with norms according to the provisions and etiquette that apply in a democratic country,” he said.


On this occasion, the Vice President appreciated the openness of public information that continues to improve. Based on the Central Information Commission report, the results of monitoring and evaluation of public information disclosure, public agency participation in 2020 was 93.1 percent, a significant increase compared to 2019 which was only 74.37 percent and 2018 at 62.83 percent.


“The increase in the level of participation is also followed by public bodies that are of informative quality, as many as 60 public bodies. This shows that the 2020 RPJMN target of 35 public bodies that enter informative qualifications has been exceeded. This also shows that the level of compliance of public bodies in implementing public information disclosure in Indonesia is quite good,” he added.


Furthermore, the Vice President asked public bodies to provide information that is accurate, true, and not misleading, and is always guided by the principles of the provisions and procedures that apply in fulfilling the rights and obligations for public information.


Public bodies through the Information Management and Documentation Officer (PPID) can also respond intelligently, quickly, accurately, and safely in the provision of public information in the midst of the rapid flow of information in the current digital era.


“To public bodies that have obtained qualifications as informative public bodies in order to continue to maintain optimal performance and develop the quality of public information services that are getting better,” he said.


For public bodies that still have qualifications that are sufficiently informative, less informative, and even uninformative, the Vice President requested that immediately make improvements in the management of public information disclosure and continue to strive to improve the aspects and values ​​of transparency, accountability, innovation, and participation in every aspect. governance information services to the public.


“I also want to invite the wider community to participate carefully in exercising the right to information and to participate in supervising every process of formulation, implementation, and evaluation of policies issued by the government. Because the key to the success of public information disclosure is collaboration between the government and the community and stakeholders,” he concluded. (TGH/UN)

Source: setkab.go.id

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