Kabaharkam Polri Orders To Help Search SAR

From Metro Jaya Regional Police


Jakarta Media www.rajawalisiber.com – Saturday (09/01/2021) at around 14.00 WIB Sriwijaya Air, a Boeing 737 – 524 with flight number SJ – 182 crashed around Male Island.

On the orders of the Head of the Police Headquarters (Komjen. Pol. Drs. Agus Andrianto, S.H., M.H) through Kakorpolairud (Irjen. Pol. Drs. M. Chairul Noor Alamsyah, S.H., M.H) to help search for SAR. Korpolairud Baharkam Polri Dropped 8 Patrol Boat Fleets and 4 Helicopters Dauphin As 365 N.3, Bell 429, Ditpolair Korpolair SAR Team, plus 3 Patrol Boats belonging to Ditpolairud Polda Metro Jaya.

Dirpolair Korpolairud Baharkam Polri (Brigadier General Pol Mohammad Yassin Kosasih S.I.K., M.Si) who directly led the SAR mission, then as Head of Operations Task Force is Head of Sub-Directorate for Patroliair.

Prior to departure, Dirpolair Korpolairud said that out of the ten ships that carried out the search, one was a KP Ship. Bisma – 8001 will be used as a post, which will be placed by the Police Dokkes team.

“In assisting the search for the crashed plane we brought 2 sets of Vinger Locater, namely a tool to find Black Boxes and 50 divers consisting of Ditpolair divers, Ditpolairud Polda Metro Jaya divers, Ditpolairud Polda Banten divers and divers from Korbrimob”, he said.

Items found included debris from the SJI 182 aircraft, pieces of SJI 182 airplane tires, pink children’s clothes and human body parts suspected of being passengers on SIJ-182 aircraft.


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