PPWI Lhokseumawe City Holds Citizen Journalism School Activities

Lhokseumawe, Media www.rajawalisiber.com – The Indonesian Citizens Association (PPWI) Lhokseumawe City held a journalism training event at the Hall of SMK Negeri 3 Lhokseumawe, Tuesday (12/01/2021) starting at 10.00 WIB. The event, which was packaged in the format of the Citizen Journalism School, was attended by 17 reporters from various media who joined the PPWI organization in Lhokseumawe City, Aceh Province.

Through the zoom meeting application, the event was opened by the General Chairperson of PPWI Nasional, Wilson Lalengke, together with the Chairperson of Committee I of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) RI, Fachrur Razi, who was immediately present at the event location. In his remarks, Wilson said that he really appreciated the citizen journalism school activities carried out by PPWI Lhokseumawe City.

Wilson also emphasized that activities like this are very important to increase the professionalism of members who join the PPWI organization and the general public. “For this reason, I hope that in the future activities like this can be adopted and implemented by the PPWI management in all other districts and cities in Indonesia,” hoped the 2012 PPRA-48 Lemhannas RI Alumni.

On that occasion, Fachrur Razi also said that citizen journalism school activities are our efforts to uphold democracy by involving wider public participation. “Providing creativity for writers and journalists to write more freely, so that with this kind of training friends can be inspired and gain insight,” said Fachrur.

In addition, the Head of PPWI Kota Lhokseumawe Desriadi Hidayat explained that, “This activity will be held for 12 meetings. The next meeting will be held in the following month. ”

He added that for this training his party had compiled a syllabus and curriculum. “This is our commitment to improve the writing quality of members who have joined the PPWI Lhokseumawe organization, so that after participating in this training the participants can become journalists who understand the rules, work professionally, and have broad insight into the principles of journalism,” concluded Hidayat. (***)

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