Brigjen Pol Purn Suwardi said this at the National Working Meeting of Bharindo Headquarters

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Jakarta, Media ​​- The emergence of various types of media in Indonesia, both print and online, has signaled the advancement of a demand for democracy. This was said by the General Chairperson of the Jakarta Journalists Forum (FWJ) Indonesia, Mustofa Hadi Karya, who is usually called Opan when contacted by reporters, Thursday (4/6/2021) night.


He explained the function of the media to play an important role in the development of a nation. Therefore, the state must be present to provide a healthy democratic order for the realization of press freedom.

Discussing the matter of holding the 2nd National Working Meeting of Media Headquarters Bharindo which will be held on June 1, 2021 at the Crown Jakarta hotel, Opan considers an existence that should be appreciated by all parties. “The National Working Meeting of the Bharindo Headquarters media is exemplary, in addition to providing education, the Narsums also review the functionalities of journalists and reduce the history of the Indonesian Press, apart from what he said they also discussed independence programs in the future and the invitation to train journalists in the relay,” said Opan.

He also mentioned, the emergence of new media is not a competitor to the media that have existed before. Instead, Opan appreciates that it signifies the progress of democracy in Indonesia. “The press is to educate the nation’s life, therefore, with the presence of print and online media Bharindo Headquarters has signaled the progress of a nation, it’s just that my friends need a little touch to better understand the work function of journalists as a whole,” he explained.

Previously, Brigadier General Pol (Ret.) Suwardi, who has a high capacity and played an important role in the formation of the media, said that the 2nd National Working Meeting of Bharindo Headquarters was an effort to unify perceptions and continue to maintain harmony between journalists.

“Communication through presentations is important, therefore this 2nd National Working Meeting notes the importance of direct communication and mutual improvement for the advancement of this media,” he said when opening the 2nd National Working Meeting at Bharindo Headquarters at the Crown Hotel Jakarta, Monday (1/6/2021).

In more detail, the person who is known to be familiar with many journalists during his active duty in the National Police said that his desire to build the media was his control function. In fact, Suwardi also invites all who work as journalists to be able to make an active contribution to the development of the country. “Function the journalist profession in a noble place, because the function of control is not to blaspheme or judge, but to present critical and constructive information,” said Suwardi.

The head of the Bharindo Headquarters media company, which is labeled PT. Bharindo Nusantara Jaya Indonesia, Anis Sholahudin in his statement stated that he is ready to advance the Indonesian people to be smarter, and to prioritize intellectual thinking in presenting information. “Our media does appear different, and is more about information from the Police, TNI, Legislative and Executive agencies. As for other things, for News, crime, Agrarian, Social, Economic, Sports, Culture, Tourism, Entertainment, and opinions, only a few percent.” Said Anis at the Crown Hotel Jakarta.

Anis hopes that in the future, the media that he pioneered together with retired police officers will be able to educate and provide positive things for the development and order of the country in the future.

He also added that the 2nd National Working Meeting of Bharindo Headquarters was attended by at least 21 regional representatives at the Provincial, Regency and City levels. In addition, he also explained that retired police officers were also present, including Pol. Brigadier General (Ret.) Suwardi, Pol. Comr. (Ret.) Kadarusman, AKBP (Ret.) Wiyono, as well as advisers from Bharindo Headquarters, H. Malik, Denny, and Jonny T Rembo.

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